The New Asura’s Wrath Costume Will Be Available in September for Street Fighter v


Capcom continues to enrich one of its main IPs, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, with new content coming out on September 27th. Players will be able to get the Asura’s Wrath for Kage costume in Extra Battle mode.

We remind you that Extra Battle is the Street Fighter V mode in which, through the use of Fight Money, the special in-game currency, fights with exclusive prizes can be unlocked. At this time it is still possible to earn the costume dedicated to Vergil by Devil May Cry for Cody.

This is not the first crossover between Asura’s Wrath and Street Fighter: at the release of the original game two DLC had been published that allowed to face Asura with Ryu and Akuma, the Lost Episode 1 and 2.

In addition to the new costume, Balrog will also have a new look. Capcom announced on Twitter that starting September 17th it will be possible to get the boxing set called No Escape. Previously, from the stage of the EVO 2019, Capcom had revealed the news for the months of November and December.

After the announcement of the SFV overtaking compared to the previous chapter, Capcom has every intention of supporting the title, for the happiness of the fans of the series.