Yakuza like a Dragon Will Have Hidden Dungeons and a Job System


From the Tokyo Game Show information on Yakuza Like a Dragon continues to arrive, the seventh chapter of the series that will introduce for the first time purely RPG mechanics. After presenting the summons and races between Karts, SEGA broadcast a new gameplay session set at night, which revealed many new juicy details.

To begin with, we have discovered that the map will keep track of the areas visited. As you can see below, the places explored will be clear, while those unknown will be dark. It also seems that in Yakuza Like a Dragon there will be real hidden dungeons, which will not be shown on the map and which can only be found with a painstaking exploration.

The title will also include a Job System, typical RPG mechanics, obviously declined in a Yakuza key. Jobs can only be unlocked under certain conditions, for example by passing specific exams, or by reaching the statistics required by that specific specialization. In the Tokyo Game Shows demo, several previously unlocked Jobs have been shown. The team also promised to include numerous references to the RPG genre. In the game, there will be many types of enemies, including the Drunkards, which use fantasy-themed objects. As the adventure progresses, the adversaries will become stronger and stronger and will use more and more effective equipment.

Yakuza Like a Dragon, we remember, will arrive in Japan on January 16, 2020, for PlayStation 4, while the western exit is expected in 2020.