Borderlands 3: Gearbox Split Screen promises to solve lag problems soon

Amara the Mermaid Fights in the New Video Game of Borderlands 3 from E3

Among the Borderlands 3 problems encountered by shooter fans who decided to buy the Gearbox blockbuster at launch, the instability of the framerate experimented with the Split Screen mode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is certainly one of the most annoying.

From the pages of, the representatives of Gearbox Software claim to be aware of these problems and promise to intervene as soon as possible to solve them or, at least, to significantly reduce them through the patches that will be launched soon.

“We are aware of the problems of the Borderlands 3 Split Screen”, the PR of the US software house admits before adding that “because of this, players can experience a serious lag during the most agitated combat phases or when consulting the usable in-game menus through the ECHO device”.

The authors of Gearbox conclude their speech with a suggestion addressed to all those who wish to have fun in local multiplayer through the Borderlands 3 shared screen mode waiting to appreciate the improvements brought by the next corrective patches: “While we will continue to work to optimize the Borderlands 3 gaming experience, we advise players in Split Screen to make all the preparations for the battle (through the ECHO menus, ed) before embarking on the most demanding challenges, so as not to embarrass your teammate in the midst of gunfights! ” .

In the hope that the first Borderlands 3 post-launch patches will arrive soon and help to solve the bug and framerate problems of the still splendid open-world Gearbox and 2K shooter, we refer you to reading our convenient Borderlands 3 guide with many tips to approach in the best way the challenges faced by the Crypt Hunters on PC, PS4, Xbox One and, from November, on Google Stadia.