Borderlands 3 on PC, for Gearbox Is a Success: The Numbers of Day One Are Highlighted

Borderlands 3

The highly-anticipated Borderlands 3 is finally available both on consoles and on PC, a platform on which the game is distributed in exclusive time by Epic Games Store.

Spent several hours before the launch of the third chapter of the saga, Gearbox Software has chosen to comment on the results obtained by the game on PC. Indeed, from the pages of his official Twitter account, Randy Pitchford, CEO of the software house, published a twitter dedicated to the subject. In the Tweet, the latter expressed appreciation for the attention that the game was able to catalyze on the occasion of the debut.

As you can see below, in fact, Randy Pitchford wanted to highlight the number of PC gamers who decided to dedicate themselves to exploring the universe of Borderlands 3 on the occasion of Day One. According to reports, the peak of users simultaneously active on the game during the day of release was twice as high as each peak obtained by Borderlands 2 since its publication to date.

However, on the launch day, it saw several users report some technical problems for the PC version of Borderlands 3. In the absence of a forum on which to start a discussion within Epic Games Store, part of the community has rather paradoxically begun to discuss it on the Steam forum dedicated to Borderlands 2.