Borderlands 3: unsatisfactory technical segment on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Borderlands 3 Moze Gunner

With Borderlands 3 now on the market, the editors of Digital Foundry immediately took the opportunity to pass under their magnifying glass the work done on the technical part of the title, supported by that Unreal Engine 4 that in recent times, with Gears 5, has set new graphic standards, both on PC and on the Microsoft console.

First of all, the English editorial team focused on the two versions for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, which allow players to choose between two graphic modes, Performance Mode and Resolution Mode. When the first is active, both consoles run at 1080p resolution and point to 60fps. With the second, instead, they reach the 1800p resolution with a framerate locked at 30fps. Despite sharing the same “numbers”, despite the expectations, the PlayStation 4 Pro version is visually better. The premium console from Sony offers a higher quality anisotropic filter, which makes the textures sharper over the long-distance, and thicker vegetation. For the rest – shadow quality, motion blur, depth of field, texture resolution – the two versions offer an almost identical experience.

The framerate, unfortunately, disappoints on both platforms, with some important differences. In Performance Mode, Xbox One X ranges from 50 to 60fps all the time, both in combat and in vehicles, with some forays into the 45fps territory. Digital Foundry failed to identify the bottleneck. PlayStation 4 Pro, on the other hand, does even worse, with even greater and more frequent declines. In Resolution Mode, however, Xbox One X is able to offer a 30fps stable framerate, unlike PlayStation 4 Pro which has a poor sense of fluidity due to a framerate ranging from 25 to 30fps. In this case, the Sony console pays the choice of using the same resolution as the Xbox One X and the additional level of detail.

In essence, Borderlands 3 does not fully convince on either of the two platforms.