Capcom on Project Resistance: The Team Has Positive Expectations for the Beta of the Game


After the publication of a series of teasers in the days before the Tokyo Game Show, during the fair Capcom officially presented Project Resistance.

Part of the community, however, perhaps partly disappointed by the failure to announce a new main chapter of the saga, seems to have received the project with skepticism. For example, the Project Resistance presentation trailer has a large number of thumb lines on Youtube. These elements have not escaped the attention of Capcom, which has decided to expose its vision in this regard.

In particular, Matt Walker, a producer at the company, has given Twitter some thoughts. In the tweets published by him, we can read: ” I am seeing several people who are not happy with the idea that we are doing Project Resistance “. In response to these reactions, Walker wanted to reassure the public about the quality of the new Resident Evil project. The producer has, in fact, emphasized that Project Resistance is ” a great survival horror experience “, whose essence does not betray the soul of the Resident Evil IP.

” I don’t see the, but profoundly survival horror in its essence. The people who played there – he continued – were positive “ and Walker hopes that the Project Resistance Closed Beta will entertain many other players in the future.