COD: Modern Warfare in the second Beta there will also be Ground War 32v32

COD Modern Warfare: No Micro-Transactions at Launch

While testing of Call of Duty Modern Warfare continues thanks to the exclusive PlayStation 4 Beta, the guys at Infinity Ward have well thought to reveal some information on the second phase of the Beta that will take place next weekend on all gaming platforms.

Through an in-game message, we learn that from 21 September it will also be possible to try the Ground War 32 vs 32 mode in a map called Karst River Quarry, of which we already had a fleeting preview thanks to an image in the menus of play (can be found below). The mode in question has never been shown in a gameplay video, so we still don’t know what it is made of. GameInformer colleagues, who have already had the opportunity to test it, have nevertheless described it as a successful mix between Battlefield’s extensive maps and the typical Call of Duty gameplay. Players will be able to use the vehicles and at the same time take advantage of the tried and tested Killstreak system.

The Beta currently running on PlayStation 4 offers players the opportunity to try out the classic 6 vs 6 multiplayer and the Gunfight 2 vs 2 modes. During testing, player feedback also prompted the team to reinsert the mini-map. From September 19 to 23 the second phase of the Beta will take place on PS4, Xbox One and PC, which in addition to inserting the aforementioned Ground War will act as a perfect pretext to test the cross-play features between all platforms. Finally, we remind you that the game’s release is scheduled for October 25th.