Death Stranding, Kojima and the voice actors speak: moving story and complex characters

Death Stranding

Finally, the appointments dedicated to Death Stranding were concluded during the Tokyo Game Show, with the last panel featuring the Japanese voice actors of the main characters of the game.

During the event, each of the interpreters selected by Kojima expressed some considerations on his role and on the world of Death Stranding, some directly from the TGS stage, others via video messages. Some of these have turned out to be particularly intriguing, providing a foretaste of the characters we will meet.

Satoshi Mikami (Troy Baker), along with Kojima, said he could not basically share any information about Higgs’ character, because every detail would represent a spoiler. However, he could suggest that the latter ” is not so much a villain “. Similarly, the cast could not reveal the meanings of the names of Deadman and Die-Hardman, but Kojima assured them that once the game is finished the choices will appear perfectly clear. Kazuhiro Yamaji (Mads Mikkelsen) instead invited the public to expect great surprises from the character of Cliff within the game’s plot. The interpreters of Fragile (Léa Seydoux) and of Amelie (Lindsay Wagner) finally pointed out that their characters have many facets.

During the panel, it was also reiterated how the players will be moved by the end of Death Stranding, a topic on which Kojima also expressed through his Twitter account. On the social network, the game director writes: ” Death Stranding is a title in which you will feel very alone playing it. The nature that surrounds you is beautiful but also implacably severe, the couriers forced to contain a frightening tension, and the stranded creatures are so dark and terrifying […] “. In a second twittering, Kojima talks about Death Stranding, defining it as a production with dark and serious tones, but with a touching plot.

Finally, Kojima and Ayako, assistant to the director, reiterated on Twitter the importance of the Private Room in Death Stranding and the open-world nature of the game, which allows you to choose whether or not to avoid areas where the Creatures are stranded. Curious to try the game firsthand?