Deltarune: the author ensures that the development proceeds well and shares some details


During October 2018, after a brief teaser campaign, Toby Fox surprised the videogame community announcing that he was working on a new project.

After the positive response from critics and the public obtained by Undertale, the author is in fact currently engaged in the development of Deltarune. The players have already had a little taste of it: the first chapter of the project has in fact been made available for free on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 between October 2018 and February 2019. 

Following the announcement, Toby Fox had offered numerous details on Deltarune, warning the public that its completion could take a long time. Now, the author has decided to offer some updates, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Undertale. Through Twitter, Fox has ensured that the development of the game and the definition of the details of what is happening are progressing well. The author also declared himself optimistic about the final result: ” I think the people who like the things I do will appreciate it .” While acknowledging some difficulties in the development process, Fox emphasizes that these will be overcome and that his goal is to develop an excellent game and make it available ” as soon as possible “.

From the pages of the social network, the author also shared some ” little things from Deltarune “. In the chirps in lime you can, in fact, find two music clips, one of which is presented as the theme of Noelle, although, specific, we will often hear the song even in the absence of the character. Finally, Fox shared some sketches he made for Deltarune.