Detroit Become Human PC: The New Teaser Trailer Precedes the Announcement of the Release Date

Detroit Become Human PC

After giving David Cage the opportunity to discuss the future of video games, the Quantic Dream leaders show the teaser trailer of the video that will announce the release date of the PC version, strictly exclusive to Epic Games Store, by Detroit Become Human.

Preceded by the arrival on EGS of Heavy Rain and Beyond Due Anime, the PC transposition of Detroit will boast a revised and corrected graphic section in the function of the unlocking of the framerate, the 4K resolution and the reformulation of the menus, the controls and the interface through commands given with mouse and keyboard.

As for the playful and content offer, the PC edition of Detroit Become Human will be identical to that appreciated by the PS4 user and will allow us to observe the world of the future , and its infinite contradictions, with the cybernetic eyes of three androids: the choices we make will reflect on the destiny of the entire community and its individual protagonists.

The grace that has always distinguished Quantic Dream’s interactive works will allow fans of the genre to tackle important issues such as the nature of the human being and his relationship with artificial creatures that aspire to carve out a role in the society of tomorrow after having acquired the self-awareness, with all the consequences in psychological, social and socio-economic terms that we can only imagine. We remain therefore waiting to know the official launch date of ‘ sci-fi adventure Quantic Dream on PC.