Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Eating will provide permanent bonuses to Goku!


Gamers who love the Akira Toriyama manga will have followed the news stream from the Tokyo Game Show with pleasure: the new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot trailer has unveiled the release date of the game.

But not only: during the Japanese fair further interesting details on the characteristics of the Bandai Namco production were shared. On the pages of the PlayStation Blog, in particular, we discussed the bosses that we will face in the game. The development team aims to make the clashes with the biggest opponents of Goku of real boss-fight role-playing games. For this reason, ” the HP, the power and the moves of the main villains of the game can exceed the capabilities of Goku […] “.

If the player feels he is facing a particularly tough opponent, it will be possible to upgrade Gokuin different ways. Among these, a peculiar detail is mentioned … the power supply! ” Unlike many other RPGs – it is reported – in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, eating food will not only give you temporary buffs, but also permanent buffs ! “. From this point of view, collecting ingredients within the game world and then delivering them to Chichi could be a particularly interesting activity.