Fortnite: new free Celebration Package for PlayStation Plus subscribers


Ever since the Fortnite phenomenon exploded, players subscribing to PlayStation Plus have always been able to benefit from totally free items, made available on a regular basis in different packages, all linked by the word “celebratory”.

The bundle currently available, launched last June, offers a hang glider, a trail and a loading screen. If you have not yet redeemed it, we advise you to do it immediately, as a completely new one is coming! The official Twitter account for PlayStation Greece revealed it: the new PlayStation Plus subscriber package, which you can see at the bottom of this news, will include a pickaxe, a cover, a banner logo and an ’emoji. How do they look like? The name of the cosmetic items and the date of publication, unfortunately, have not been disclosed, but it will probably not take long before they are actually made available.

It cannot be ruled out that this may already occur in conjunction with the publication of the update 10.31 scheduled for next week, which among other things will take care of excluding the Slit Zones from the final stages of the matches. Speaking of PlayStation Plus, we point out that Platinum Weekend discounts are available on PlayStation Store exclusively for Sony premium service subscribers.