Fortnite Season 11: do the latest leaks suggest the arrival of a new map?

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The latest Fortnite updates are full of clues that suggest that Season 11 is destined to be one of the most important in-game stages in Epic Games’ entire battle history.

According to the code portions extrapolated from the Fortnite data miner, during Season 11 we could witness the introduction of a new map, that is with a completely new region of the colourful universe of Fortnite Battaglia Reale. Therefore, it would not be a “simple” modification of the quadrants of the current island, but of a brand new map.

According to the most attentive members of ResetEra and Reddit’s videogame forums, on the other hand, the theory of the entrance of a new island during Fortnite Season 11 would be strongly supported by the commitment of Epic Games to block accounts social media of the most active Fortnite leakers on the data miner scene.

The most recent activities of amateur programmers who engage in the datamining of the inactive code present in the weekly updates of the most famous free battle royale in the world, in fact, have highlighted the presence of more and more numerous portions of code concerning sectors that do not seem to have and to which do with the map currently explorable by Fortnite users.

The addition of a new map, in effect, could give new impetus to the entire free-to-play project by Epic Games, especially in terms of the interest aroused in the fans who follow the deeds performed by their favorite streamer on platforms like Twitch, where there has been a sharp drop in visualizations, and Mixers with Ninja. However, more information on Season 11 news will be officially shared by Epic between the end of September and the first half of October, just in time for the final phase of the current Fortnite Season 10.