Let’s Go to the Cemetery With the New MediEvil Remaster TGS Video on PS4


Despite the objective difficulties encountered after awakening from his eternal sleep, the trouble magnet that responds (grumbling) to the name of Sir Daniel Fortesque explores the cemetery of MediEvil Remaster to stretch its bones during TGS 2019 with a new gameplay video.

The Other Ocean Interactive project will try to update the content and the gaming experience offered by the legendary adventure starring Sir Dan : the new edition of MediEvil’s PS4 will boast a completely revised graphic section embellished with high definition textures, particle effects, and more advanced lighting and better animations for all the characters and in-game creatures that will contribute to making the protagonist even more “articulated”.

Also from the point of view of the gameplay mechanics, the innovations promised by the Californian authors will certainly not be “reduced to the bone” (excuse the joke!): To accompany us in our return among the undead wandering through the land of Gallowmere, in fact, we will have a completely unpublished Hall of Heroes and a completely rebuilt world map. Unfortunately for the sorcerer Zarok and for his progeny of mostriciattoli, instead, the easygoing spirit and the plot above the lines of the original adventure will remain intact.