Let’s Hunt Demons With the New Gameplay Video From Devil’s Hunt

Devil's Hunt

After making a deal with Lucifer, Desmond tries to regain his soul by commuting between this world and the Underworld to hunt demons in the new video gameplay of Devil’s Hunt, Layopi ‘s intriguing horror action-adventure Games, and 1C Entertainment.

Made starting from the very solid narrative foundations offered by the novel “Equilibrium”, the new dark-colored epic of Polish developers promises to satisfy the tastes and needs of fans of the genre thanks to a game system inspired (with due proportions) by Devil May Cry.

The rich pattern of moves and attacks that will make up Desmond ‘s slam vocabulary will leverage the users’ spirit of enterprise and their willingness to further expand the abilities of their alter-ego. All this through the acquisition of new demonic powers to be absorbed by the bosses of the main and secondary missions of a plot that includes more than 100 cutscenes for a total of two hours of cinematic scenes.

As we can guess by scrolling through the violent gameplay scenes of the movie churned out by Layopi’s digital forges, each player will have the task of shaping the hero of his own nightmares (given the infernal setting) to help Desmond in his strenuous path to redemption. The PC version of Devil’s Hunt will be available starting September 17th, while with regard to the console editions it will be necessary to wait until the early months of 2020 to watch the launch of the title on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, subsequently, on Nintendo Switch.