Minecraft without Brakes: The Title at 112 Million Players Every Month

Minecraft Next-Gen

Minecraft seems to be a phenomenon of unstoppable success: more than ten years after its publication, the game still boasts an incredibly large community.

But that’s not all: the number of users who choose to spend their free time in this peculiar cubed universe is more and more. To confirm this trend are the latest data on the game released by Business Insider: currently, Minecraft can count on even 112 million players every month! It is, in fact, a figure of more than twenty million compared to the data released by Microsoft in October last year.

A growth that is even more surprising considering that in 2019 Minecraft celebrated its tenth anniversary, an event in which a special free celebratory map was made available. Asked about the success of the game, Microsoft, which bought the game five years ago, provided its interpretation to Business Insider microphones. Helen Chiang, Studio Head for Minecraft, highlighted in particular how players continue to consider the game world a pleasant place to “come back”.

In closing, we point out that an exceptional collaboration between Minecraft and Ducktales was recently announced, which saw Disney ducks enter the game.