PS4, over 30 million consoles sold in the USA; followed by Japan, Germany and the UK

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According to the latest data released by Sony Interactive Entertainment and updated last June 30, PlayStation 4 has reached 100 million units distributed globally. This result obtained just over 5 and a half years after its launch, makes it the fastest-selling home console in history (even more than PS2!).

Daniel Ahmad, the Senior Analyst of Niko Partners, always happy to share the information in his possession, revealed further sales data. Apparently, as many as 30 million PlayStation 4s have been sold in the United States of America, or 30% of the total, which effectively make the US market the largest in the world for Sony’s console. In the second place there is the Japanese one, on which 8.3 million units have been placed. In third and fourth place we find the two largest markets in Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom, where PlayStation 4 was sold, respectively, 7.2 million and 6.8 million. To recap:

  • USA: 30 million
  • Japan: 8.3 million
  • Germany: 7.2 million
  • United Kingdom: 6.8 million

Meanwhile, as the numbers continue to grow, Sony does not stop working to improve its gaming system: while we are writing, tests are still underway for the Beta 7.00 Firmware of PS4, which among other things introduces support for Party for 16 players.