Tales of Arise: new details on the protagonists between magic, curses and astral energy

Tales of Arise Is the New Game in the Series: Trailer from the Microsoft Conference!

Bandai Namco took advantage of the 2019 edition of the Tokyo Game Show to publish a new trailer for Tales of Arise, but also to offer more details on the plot and characters.

From the stage of the Japanese fair, we learn several interesting information, which enriches the picture of what will be the adventures of Shionne and Alphen, the two protagonists presented at E3.

The two worlds from which young people come are different, but, the developers explain, both host mysterious energy called ” Astral Energy ” and described by Japanese characters as the “spiritual energy of the planets”. The inhabitants of Rena, the planet from which Shionne herself comes from, are able to exploit this particular essence to dedicate herself to the ” Astral Arts “: the young woman, for example, is able to use curative magic. curse, called ” Rose’s Curse ” and that prevents her from touching any living being without causing a devastating pain in the latter.

The character of Alphen, as already known, is the victim of a mysterious memory loss, but not only: the young man is unable to experience any kind of pain and is the only one capable of wielding the flaming sword shown in the trailers of Tales of Arise. However, as expected, the development team refused to explain why the powerful weapon was extracted from Shionne’s body. Originally from the planet of Rehna, Alphen is extremely emotional.

The new chapter of the Tales of series, unfortunately, is currently lacking a precise publication date and remains expected for 2020