The new trailer for Tales of Arise shows a mysterious character

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and Tales of Arise

During the Tokyo Game Show 2019, there was also space for an event dedicated to Tales of Arise, new chapter of the famous JRPG series, during which Bandai Namco published a new trailer of the story entitled A fateful meeting.

The film, which also shows a brief dash of gameplay, has two characters as protagonists that we have already had the opportunity to know on the occasion of the revelation of Tales of Arise at E3 2019, namely Alphen and Shionne, coming from two different worlds but destined to share your destiny. The really interesting thing is that at minute 00:39 is shown, rigorously from behind, even a new mysterious character, who does not seem to enjoy good health. Shortly after his appearance, he collapsed, causing Alphen and Shionne to rush to their aid.

Whether it’s a new playable character? We will certainly be able to deepen our knowledge in the coming months since the launch of Tales of Arise is expected in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Although the title represents a sort of “rebirth” for the series, it will maintain some fundamental elements such as battles based on encounters.