The Outer Worlds at the Tokyo Game Show: Twenty Minutes of Gameplay Are Shown on Video

The Outer Worlds

The Tokyo Game Show 2019 hosted several productions at its show floor, including the latest work by the Obsidian Entertainment guys.

The software house has indeed brought a demo of The Outer Worlds to the Japanese fair, allowing the public to take a further look at the title, whose landing on the market is now quite near. Directly from the TGS comes a gameplay video dedicated to this new IP, lasting about twenty minutes. Available at the beginning of this news, the movie is unfortunately available exclusively with text in Chinese, while the dubbing selected is in English. Despite the linguistic constraints, the gameplay video offers an interesting overview of some of the mechanics and environments of the new Obsidian title.

The sci-fi game role-playing game developed by the team was recently the protagonist of an event dedicated to the press, held at Monaco. The game will arrive on the market next October 25, the date from which it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In a date yet to be defined, the GDR will also arrive on Nintendo Switch. This could only be a first step for the IP: Obsidian has not in fact ruled out the possibility that The Outer Worlds will become a series.