Will Stefanie Joosten Be in the Cast of Death Stranding? the Actress Visits the TGS 2019 Stands

Stefanie Joosten

Taking advantage of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 video game festival, Dutch actress and model Stefanie Joosten wanted to visit the Death Stranding booths to take some photos that prompted many of her fans to hope for her presence in the cast of the next ski adventure fi by Hideo Kojima.

The beautiful Quiet performer in the world opened size of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain has decided to attend the Japanese proud to support developers of Last Labyrinth, the indie project that will participate as a voice of the main character.

Among the many interventions dedicated to Last Labyrinth that involved her on social media in the hot days of the TGS 2019, we can see an eloquent message accompanied by the image of an action figure of the mysterious Death Stranding character played by Mads Mikkelsen and, indeed, a photos in which you can admire the same Stefanie in front of a poster of the exclusive PS4 branded Kojima Productions.

So the telenovela on the presence of Joosten in the Death Stranding cast is destined to last even longer , perhaps even after the launch of the Hideo Kojima blockbuster scheduled for November 8th on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro: the Dutch actress who has lent the voice and features of Quiet in MGS V, in fact, could be the protagonist of any additional content provided in the more than plausible (but not yet announced) post-launch support of Death Stranding.