Apex Legends: Crypto fails in its hacking attempt, what will the next move be?


Very strange things keep happening in the Apex Legends Arena and the author of all this could once again be Crypto, the hacker that allowed the flying creatures to invade the Kings Canyon shortly before the debut of Season 2.

A few days ago we talked to you about Crypto’s hacking attempt, which made a loading bar appear on the scattered screens around the map. Unfortunately, upon reaching 100%, a message appeared indicating the failure of the operation and, for a few seconds, the voice of the arena announcer appeared distorted and then returned to normal. It, therefore, seems that something has gone wrong for the hacker and we are sure that the next attempt to break into security systems will not only be successful but will happen precisely in conjunction with the launch of the highly anticipated Season 3 of Apex Legends.

In case you missed it, the data miners were able to retrieve numerous clues about Crypto’s possible abilities, which should be equipped with a radio-controlled drone capable of detecting enemies and interacting with doors and chests. To accompany the third season of the shooter there should then be a new energy weapon, spotted during an event behind closed doors with the first image of Gibraltar’s Halloween skin.