Borderlands 3: reported the loss of bailouts by some PC users

Borderlands 3

The technical problems related to Borderlands 3 do not seem to end and this time, to give some headaches is the management of the PC version saves. Indeed, it appears that there are many users who have suddenly lost all progress and have been forced to start from scratch.

The main cause of the problem seems to be related to the management of the Epic Games Store cloud saves, which is confusing between those present locally and those uploaded online. However, there is no lack of players who have encountered this problem even with local bailouts, which suggests that the blame may not be exclusively for Epic Games and its client.

It should be noted that the one related to bailouts is just one of the many technical problems that are affecting both the console version and the PC version. In fact, according to the analysis by Borderlands 3 of Digital Foundry, it emerged that the game’s Performance mode almost never manages to maintain 60 frames per second, while that Resolution fluctuates between 20 and 30 fps.