FIFA 20 vs. PES 20


There is a continuing war of domination in the soccer simulation gaming industry as EA Sports’ FIFA 20 and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 20 brace it out ahead of the new football season. Both of them will be releasing their new 2020 editions pretty soon. While FIFA has been the clear favorite in recent years due to its attractive gaming modes and an increased number of licenses, PES has also managed to stay relevant for many players. However, both of them have had their issues as FIFA 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 had some problems and PES 2014 was touted as a poor release.

Since then, EA has tried to make improvements and Konami has fixed things that fans had asked for along with making the needed modifications to its titles. Both of them have their good points and features which we shall list out in the preceding sections so that users can get a detailed understanding. FIFA coins can buy players, this is a safe place to buy FIFA coins:

  • Comparing FIFA and PES – While making a comparison between both of them, it is important to understand the gameplay features and then make an evaluation.
  • FIFA gameplay features – It provides a genuine game flow as artificial intelligence (AI)-aided players tend to have a better understanding of pitch positioning, time, and space. Therefore, gamers can enjoy smooth handling by making use of its AI Defending, Natural Player Motion, and Dynamic One-on-Ones. Dynamic One-on-Ones have been created by taking into account the pace of the game and real-life spacing from some of the world’s best leagues. Therefore, one can enjoy more one-on-one chances that can help in enhancing the Decisive Moments.

It has improved the user controls by making use of AI in a superb way so that tackling and positioning systems have been enhanced. The defencing capabilities of a player have also been enhanced with it considerably. Also, due to AI, there have been considerable innovations in positioning and movement so that more realistic moves by players can be enjoyed during the game.

The VOLTA mode in FIFA 20 can help gamers to design their footballer with all the needed clothes, shoes, and gears along with the add-ons that can help them in looking cool. Different types of games can be played in it with different formations that can be quite exciting for any player.

  • PES 20 gameplay features – One of the finest advancements that have been made in PES 20 is the Finesse Dribble that can help users to glide past their opponents as they anticipate a move. It utilizes spatial awareness and enhanced technique and has been developed with inputs from Andres Iniesta. The Context-sensitive Kick accuracy feature of the game will help in making each pass easier and every shot more accurate as it factors in the pressure and the pitch position of a player in great detail. Therefore, players will be rewarded for their match awareness, patience, and timing.

Furthermore, trapping skills like the No-Touch Control will help a player in running alongside an incoming ball, whereas Trick Trap can help in dodging a trap and making way swiftly in other direction while steering away from an opponent. In the game, care has been taken to recreate every major moment that happens near a box when defenders come close to thwart an attack. Slide-tackle animations can help in clearing a ball by using the head and there is also an additional option of intentional foul as a final effort to save a sure-shot goal! The ball-control system of the game has also been fine-tuned so that players can exercise greater control of the ball with their feet and play the game at a higher skill level.

The Ronaldinho animation set can help users to achieve a fluid movement and experience some of his best techniques like the back control and chest control. The Master League Remaster features the Interactive Dialogue System so that story progression can be controlled. A lot of famous manager models like Diego Maradona, Zico, etc., can also be chosen using its state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. The realistic transfer feature of the game can make salaries, transfers, and other elements seem more real than the earlier versions.

Final takeaway on both the games – Looking at all the different features of FIFA 20 and PES 20, one can see that the gameplay features of PES have evolved a lot since the earlier versions yet the player model aesthetics and dearth of licenses leaves much to offer. On the other hand, FIFA with the introduction of VOLTA looks set to impress upon players in a big way once again. However, once both of them are launched, the player preference can be gauged on the ground.