Fortnite: after the bad moods, Tfue finds other comrades and wins the Champion Series


After the squabble with Cloak, and 72hrs and the famous 140,000 dollars of partnership agreements with EA lost, Tfue broke away from the trio in a turbulent manner and started looking for something else, fearing the possibility of giving up everything.

However, it didn’t take long for the Fortnite streamer plus Twitch to find new partners willing to help him.

Alex ” Fiber ” Bonetello and ” Khanada” are the two players who won, together with Tfue, the Fortnite Champion Series Trio of the fifth week.

Tfue’s team played quite well in the final, finishing with 124 points and 64 eliminations, securing first place for players of the caliber of the reigning World Cup champion Kyle ” Bugha ” Giersdorf and his team.

The three took home 60,000 dollars and qualified for the season finals. Not bad for Tfue, who in the last period with the old comrades has never shone for performances.

Now, will he really take a break from streaming or has this success suddenly renewed the sacred focus of commitment to Tfue? Only time will tell us since the boy seems to be a bit fickle.

Cloak and 72hrs, along with new partner Owen “Animal” Wright, failed to make it into the top 10.