Fortnite: are new visitors coming in Season 11?


As you have surely noticed during the last weekend, Fortnite Battaglia Reale has been updated with a new set of challenges useful for unlocking the “version 2.0” of the Visitor, a mysterious figure that could play a leading role in Season 11.

In the description of the new costume and that of the old Visitor, updated on the occasion of the debut of his corpulent friend, there is the talk of “The Seven” . Of this group of Visitors, not only would the two characters we had the opportunity to know to belong to, but also five other heroes belonging to different dimensions. According to the hypothesis of some enthusiasts, the first Visitor was part of the dimension in which the meteor destroyed Muffito Warehouse and the second of that in which the meteor is suspended in the sky. It is therefore not to be excluded that in Season 11 of the battle royale a completely different third dimension can be explored, perhaps involving the possible new Fortnite map, whose references have been found in the last days by data miner.

Waiting to find out more information about the future of the title, we remind you that in some countries a new Fortnite PS Plus celebratory package has been sighted, containing a pickaxe, a cover and other items for your locker.