Games with Gold: now available the two new free games of September

Game With Gold June 2019: NHL 19 and Portal Among the New Free Games

Turnaround for free Games with Gold games in September 2019. Starting today, the two new titles of the month are available, namely, We Were Here (Xbox One) and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Xbox 360, compatible with Xbox One).

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 replaces Earth Defense Force 2025 and will be downloadable until September 30th while We Were Here can be downloaded by subscribers until October 15th. Also until September 30th, HITMAN will still be available. The First Complete Season, the final version of Agent 47’s episodic adventure.

We Were Here

We Were Here is the pilot episode of a series of stand-alone cooperative puzzle adventures. Two players are trapped inside an abandoned castle; Player one is confined to a small, isolated area of ​​the castle, while Player Two wanders in search of Player one. Each room will put a strain on your wits and your ability to communicate, using only your voice.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

We Are Tekken! Join the strongest fighters in the world and launch deadly attacks in battles to the death! A rich cast of characters is ready to unleash devastating combos to aim for the title of absolute champion.