Gears 5 doesn’t impress on Steam with 10,000 players connected simultaneously

Gears 5: New Rumors Confirm the Release in September

Gears 5 was very successful at launch by increasing Xbox Game Pass subscribers and making second place in the UK rankings, in this case taking into account only physical copies distributed to retailers. And what about Steam?

In this case, the situation seems to be less rosy, at least as reported by various newspapers. In the absence of official numbers reference is made to the players connected at the same time and in the case of Gears 5 on Steam this number settled last week on the 10,000 players, a figure not too high for such an advertised AAA production.

It is true that the number reported is not impressive but there may be various explanations and not all of them are negative. Gears 5 is for sale on Steam at full price but today the most convenient way to play is without a doubt to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, also available on PC but of course only via Microsoft Store.

The poor success on Steam does not have to affect negatively and it is likely that Microsoft expected similar numbers at the Valve platform launch. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the Redmond home can continue to make sense to publish exclusive Xbox games on Steam.