Halo Reach: the Evolved mod that distorts and improves the campaign enters Version 2.0


To celebrate in grand style the ninth anniversary of the launch date of Halo Reach, the amateur developer known as “The Vengeful ‘Vadam” announces Version 2.0 of the Evolved mod that promises to revolutionize and improve almost every aspect of the main blockbuster FPS campaign Bungie.

The interventions made by the modder are really many and promise to increase the challenge rate offered by the original shooter and the playable version through the Master Chief Collection.

The Version 2.0 Halo Reach Evolved introduce the gameplay elements taken from the first chapters of Halo, all with the aim of giving the “purists” Microsoft epic sci-fi play experience more akin to the initial Halo trilogy.

Among the changes implemented by The Vengeful ‘Vadam, we cite for example the increase in the player’s speed of movement and the jump distance respectively of 10 and 25% , the repositioning of the viewfinder , the removal of the graphic effects of “film grain” from the missions dealt with, the complete reformulation of the grenade behavior and a better AI for human allies that allows them to shoot with the rocket launcher from a wider distance.

The explanatory video packaged by the modder helps us to understand the novelties of this important mod that will be made available free to all shooter fans on the occasion of the arrival on PC of Halo Reach with the Master Chief Collection, whose official release date, after several postponements, should be announced shortly by Microsoft.