In Borderlands 3 there is a character and a gun inspired by Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect Spotted at the NBA Finals.. in Stage Costume

Borderlands has always been full of references to pop culture, and as expected, the third chapter of the saga is no exception. Just think of the rifle dedicated to Rick & Morty in Borderlands 3 for example, with lots of enemies called Wick & Warty to recall the iconic pair of cardboard.

Recently another particular easter egg was discovered, this time dedicated to one of the most famous video game streamer in circulation: Dr. Disrespect. The popular content creator, as well as pro gamer, has, in fact, a dedicated subquest, provided by a character whose features remember him very much.

To find the mission in question, go to Pandora, in the Devil’s Razor area. Once there, there will be a quest called in English ” ECHOnet Neutrality “, at the bottom of the map, in the left corner. This is a location that you will usually reach from around level 30. The character is called Edgren and besides having a look that closely resembles that of Dr. Disrespect, he also imitates it in dialogues, often complaining about the lag.

Completing the mission will give you a rather powerful epic sniper rifle called ” The Two-Time ” as a reward, another reference to the famous streamer.

But that’s not all: some players have also discovered an additional easter egg dedicated to Dr. Disrespect. This is a class mod for Zane called “Forceful Disruptor”, which in the description reads “Violence, speed and momentum” , which is Dr. Disrespect’s motto.

What do you think? Have you already found these references in Borderlands 3?