Pokemon GO: fifth generation monsters and Ultrabonus week coming today

Niantic Ends Support for Android Kitkat for Pokémon Go and Ingress

Starting today, Monday, September 16, Pokemon GO is updated with many new features, including a new Ultrabonus week and the arrival of the fifth-generation Pokemon, with the Starters that made their first appearance in Pokemon Bianco and Black.

At the moment we know that today Snivy (Pokemon Erba), Oshawott (Pokemon Acqua) and Tepig (Pokemon Fuoco) will appear, while other fifth-generation monsters should also appear in-game soon.

Pokemon GO: Ultrabonus Third Week

  • Effectiveness of the Incubator Eggs doubled
  • Five-star raid: it will be possible to face a Mewtwo with a Psycho-botta move. The lucky ones will come across a chromatic/shiny Mewtwo
  • Raid: Pokemon will appear able to support you in the match against Mewtwo
  • Klink will appear in the Raids: it will be possible to meet him also in the chromatic/shiny version
  • Patrat and Lillipup will also appear in-game in a chromatic/shiny version

The third Ultrabonus week of Pokemon GO will kick off this evening at 22:00 on the iPhone and Android smartphone and will end at the same time on September 23rd. We look forward to communications from Niantic Labs about the debut of the fifth-generation Pokemon, in all probability during the afternoon we will have more details about it and the coaches will be able to start capturing the first monsters belonging to the fifth generation of Pokemon.