Project Resistance: Capcom defends its spin-off from criticism


The announcement of Project Resistance by Capcom has left some fans with a bitter taste since after the remake-masterpiece of Resident Evil 2 they would have preferred to see something related to the main series, rather than a spin-off.

The disappointment was tangible, partly because many people decided to protest with dislike shots, and the Project Resistance trailer was hit by negative votes. But Capcom seems to believe a lot in the new project, as explained also on Twitter by producer Matt Walker :

“I have seen so many people not satisfied with the idea of ​​Project Resistance. It is totally legitimate for people to want more than the experience offered in RE2 and RE7. However, I believe that as a company we should continue to offer new gameplay in addition to refining the experiences that the “People expect us. If we just keep doing the same thing, players will gradually lose interest in what we do.”

Project Resistance is an interesting way to do it. The most important part? It’s a great non-traditional survival horror experience. I believe that we confuse ideas if we do things related to an IP that is not faithful to its original spirit, but this project, fortunately, does not fall into this trap.

I look forward to the closed beta for more people to start playing and see how fresh and new it is, but still a lot of survival horror in spirit. Those who played there had positive opinions, and I hope that more and more people will have fun playing with it “.

What do you think of his statements? What do you expect from Project Resistance?