The Genshin Impact video gameplay from the TGS reveals the Japanese cast of the GDR “alla Zelda”

Genshin Impact

Regardless of the criticisms made by Zelda fans for the strong similarities between Genshin Impact and Zelda BOTW, the MoHoYo authors announce the Japanese cast of their realistic action in salsa fantasy by publishing a gameplay video focused on the history of their PC project, mobile systems, and PS4.

The TGS trailer helps us to overcome the embarrassment for the objective similarities with Zelda Breath of the Wild to let us concentrate on the single characters that will make up the cast of heroes of Genshin Impact.

The system related to the progression of the challenges offered by the main plot and the secondary missions, in fact, seems to be the most “original” element of the Genshin Impact project, with many NPCs to meet and hundreds of lines of dialogue to read and listen thanks to the contribution of some of the most important videogame voice actors of the Rising Sun.

The western transposition of the title, in any case, should boast a dubbing in English: waiting to know if the project will also have subtitles in Italian, we remind you that the European and North American marketing of Genshin Impact is expected in an unspecified period of 2020. The controversial GDR action of MiHoYo will be available on PC, on mobile systems (presumably both iOS and Android) and, in exclusive console, on PlayStation 4.