What happened to the eighth DLC of Shadow of the Tomb Raider?


Last April, in the expansions menu of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a slot with the word Coming Soon appeared, suggesting an upcoming arrival of an eighth tomb, but this was not the case.

The developers added seven additional graves after the launch, the entry for the eighth downloadable package was removed from the game and Crystal Dynamics (and publisher Square Enix) never wanted to comment on the questions raised by the press.

Kotaku tried again to call in publishers and development teams but received a no comment as an answer. On the official forum of Tomb Raider, there is a topic of over 500 pages in which players try to obtain clarifications or unravel the mystery through clues.

At the moment there are no plans for a Season Pass 2 or for new extra content, so it is not clear what exactly happened at DLC 8. There are those who hypothesize a possible launch of this add-on simultaneously with the new Tomb movie Raider, a rather unlikely hypothesis because the film is still in the early stages of production and will only be released in cinemas around the world in 2021.