Another case of swatting during an Apex Legends tournament


One other case of swatting is doing much to discuss in the USA. A Virginia couple that has a Twitch channel, HisandHersLive, was participating in an Apex Legends tournament when she was forced out of the house, now surrounded by police.

The two streamer, Andrew and Judy Kristensen , were playing before being forced to leave their homes, as reported by the NBC 12 broadcaster.

The couple didn’t know what was going on until the boy, still in live, received a call from his brother asking him what had happened.

” I answer the phone and my brother tells me: hey, everyone is looking for you. You have the police at the door, you have to let them in. You’ve been surrounded .” The boys, in live, didn’t even have time to realize anything. Above all, they could not hear the police ordering them to surrender and go out, because they had headphones and had heard absolutely nothing.

The streamer said that probably someone called the agents after he managed to trace the couple’s home address by tracing their IP address while the pair was live streaming.

In the complaint that caused the intervention of the agents, ” they said that someone had been murdered in our house and that there were people held hostage “.

The couple also claimed to have been handcuffed by the police in front of the house. At some point during their live, you can also see the agents while they search the house and pass the webcam.

The practice of swatting continues to be a plague that seems unable to be contained. Furthermore, it can lead to dramatic consequences, as in the case of the young man ‘s death in Kansas.