Apex Legends: Wattson is too powerful, is it possible to introduce the ban for legends?

Apex Legends: Wattson is too powerful

Respawn Entertainment and EA, as we know, have managed to organize one of the largest competitive events for Apex Legends so far. Despite this, the margins for improvement are still extremely wide.

Not only for the stability of the streaming, but also for the balancing of the legends. Wattson’s ability, for example, has been overly abused by some players who have found rather clever ways to exploit the ability, thanks to known bugs and glitches.

The caster called upon to comment on the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, Richard “The Sims ” Simms, has launched a provocation that is not all that bad: he hopes that Respa will ” ban Wattson for future Apex Legends tournaments “.

After discussing the major flaws of Wattson with the pro player Lucas ” Mendo ” Hakansson, TheSimms thinks that there could be a great way to make the goal evolve by removing and banning the most problematic legends.

” I like the idea that certain Legends can be banned during competitive play, if they are OPs or undergo heavy modifications, ” TheSimms suggested in order to ” keep the goal evolving rather than just using the new Legends only. “

Mendo replied, saying that the main problem is the design of the map since his abilities can severely punish players who walk down narrow corridors or find themselves trapped in the cramped spaces of Kings Canyon.

” Wattson simply uses the flaws and makes them even more problematic, so you have to change the map and change Wattson. Obviously then this will not be used so often ”.

The Preseason Invitational saw Wattson being chosen many times, with players using this legend’s ability to fence off a room or stand on an elevated platform.

The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational made it clear that the competitive side still has plenty of room to grow and develop and could really start with a ban system for legends, in order to balance the goal.