Borderlands 3: how to improve the framerate on PS4, Xbox One and PC

borderlands 3

The technical department of Borderlands 3 certainly does not shout to the miracle and the optimization leaves a lot to be desired both on PC and on consoles, where they are in many to complain more or less evident problems to the framerate. So let’s try to improve the situation by using some game settings.

Before proceeding with our advice, it should be pointed out that these options do not seem to work for everyone and, more importantly, they will not upset the performance of the game by merely limiting it to make it more stable. According to testimonials on the web, PlayStation 4 and PC users are the main beneficiaries of these tips, even if there is no lack of comments from game owners on Xbox One that claim to have benefited.

The settings to be modified relate exclusively to the social side of the game, which seems to have a negative impact on performance. The first step is to enter the Options menu and then select “Network and social” . At this point you will have to do in order to apply the following settings:

  • Privacy Group: Local only
  • Social notification frequency: Disable

Obviously, if you intend to play online with a friend you will necessarily have to change the privacy of the group in “Invitation Only” and you will only enjoy the improvements received from the elimination of social notifications.

Let us know in the comments on which platform you are playing and if that configuration has improved the framerate in your game.