Death Stranding developed in 3 years by 80 people; Kojima: “I’ve always been fast”


Before the gameplay of the title was presented, many complained that Hideo Kojima had shown very little of the playful nature of Death Stranding, and it was almost common opinion that the Japanese director was taking too long to develop the new exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Well, during a recent interview, the father of Metal Gear Solid said he was extremely proud of the timing with which he managed to put in place the Death Stranding project, carried out within 3 abundant years with the help of a team composed of from 80 people . Although proud of his work, Kojima, in any case, says he is not very surprised at the thing, since he considers himself a particularly fast and efficient developer, specializing in comparison with other development companies working on triple A projects:

“Don’t get me wrong, I ‘m always fast . What’s the matter, three years? I can’t say much about Sony now … Maybe it will take 8 or 10 years for its first party games, like Nintendo. Cyberpunk is in development maybe 8 years . I have created in 3 years . When I was growing Metal Gear Solid 5 I needed more time because I had to produce the engine, and I had to deal with other titles.

So, if you go back to my old interviews three or four years ago, I was consistent about game design … I’m very efficient in how I can develop games in a short time. Every day, every hour, I decide: right or left. I’m not saying ‘He’ll think about it’, I make a decision right now . So this is one reason why I don’t do a lot of outsourcing, because you have to write emails and wait for answers, that’s why I work in-house as much as possible.

One of the reasons I’m quick is that I take care of all the planning , design , and production , and this forces me to make quick decisions. Other developers may have people on boss battles and others on cutscenes – it’s a bit confusing when you have to put it all together. But our team consists of only 80 people, usually 300 or 600. So this is what allows me to be fast “ .

Death Stranding will be released exclusively on PS4 on November 8, 2019. Kojima has assured that the game will not be a walking simulator, and has confessed to have initially imagined the title with a graphic from PlayStation 6.