Death Stranding is not a walking simulator, guarantees Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding

The interview with Hideo Kojima published on the pages of GameInformer USA has allowed us to discover a series of interesting details on Death Stranding, also the Japanese producer and game designer have emphasized an important issue: Death Stranding is not a walking simulator.

” I realize that it is difficult to explain and make people understand, but once you start playing, walking in the Death Stranding universe is a lot of fun. At first, it is difficult to understand and I realized it by monitoring the gaming sessions of staff. But when you take the controller in your hand, walking in wide spaces is hilarious … now everyone will think it’s a walking simulator! “

These are the words of Kojima, who in any case is calm about the judgments on his work: ” I have already experienced a similar situation with the launch of Metal Gear Solid, I am not worried. Death Stranding will give life to a new genre, there will be people who won’t understand it and are aware of it, will take time to make sure that it is appreciated by the mass. “

One person who seems to have no problem with Death Stranding is George Miller, director of Mad Max, who recently declared that he perfectly understood Kojima’s work.