Death Stranding Multiplayer: will messages between users give you ingame advantages?


Interviewed by Game Informer journalists on the occasion of TGS 2019, Hideo Kojima discussed the importance of the in-game communication system on which the multiplayer dynamics of Death Stranding will be based.

In addressing this important issue related to the “real purpose” of the message feedback system between players, the Kojima Productions boss began by saying that “I actually had a big fight with my staff. In a game, if you do something you have to get more money in return, more fame or more compliments, right? This is what all modern video games talk about: every action always corresponds to something offered to you in return. 

Despite the doubts fed by his collaborators , Kojima reports that he always had clear ideas about this in-game communication system and about its real “value” in terms of gameplay, so much so that he declared that “to my team I said that in Death Stranding” give a Like to others will only and exclusively give unconditional love to others “ .

The only form of reward that Death Stranding users will receive from other players will, therefore, be represented by the display of the total number of “Likes” obtained: according to Kojima, this kind of in-game suggestions is closer to the Japanese forms of communication than to western ones, where advice is given more directly.

The atypical Death Stranding in-game multiplayer message system will be available from the launch of Metal Gear’s dad’s sci-fi blockbuster, which will be scheduled for November 8th exclusively on PS4. Meanwhile, we leave you at the second Death Stranding gameplay from the TGS dedicated to the Safe House and the character of Sam Porter Bridges.