Football Manager 2020 is environmentally friendly: every element of the package will be environmentally friendly


Miles Jacobson and the developers of Sports Interactive decide to espouse the environmental cause by announcing a small revolution in the gaming industry landscape: all physical copies of Football Manager 2020 will be sold in a completely ecological package.

Through the pages of their official website , the English developers inform us that they are ” abandoning every plastic element of the boxes that are generally used throughout the sector, replacing them with a cardboard bag reinforced and totally biodegradable, made with 100% recycled fibers “We also decided to change the technology for printing the cover and the internal graphic elements, including the manual, to use a water-based vegetable ink. We also managed to get a shrink wrap, to enclose the package and keep it safe once shipped”.

The laudable initiative promoted by Sports Interactive and SEGA represents the first (and hopefully not the last) case in the digital entertainment industry of a video game sold in a totally ecological and biodegradable cover, with the exception of the DVD on which they will be poured the data of the game and of the shrink wrap: according to Jacobson, if the sales figures for Football Manager 2020 will be respected “we will be able to obtain a saving of around 20 tons of plastic, and this only considering the sales from now until the end of 2019″ .

The marketing of Football Manager 2020 is scheduled for November on PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and iOS and Android mobile systems. The Stadia version of Football Manager 2020 will be the most powerful.