Fortnite Leak: do you have any incredible news for the Playground mode?


While the debate on the differences of the Fortnite Storm in China and on the possibility of the entry of a new map in Season 11 is on the net, the data miner of Epic battle royale continue to extrapolate data from the hidden code of the title and discover some important clues on Playground news.

Based on the information obtained from Fortnite’s main dataminer groups, such as the FireMonkey collective, the developers of Epic Games would be making major changes to the code for managing the time and ancillary challenges of Fortnite Battaglia Reale: all the changes brought by the American authors would seem to converge on a single element, the Playground .

The new lines of code integrated into the Fortnite API, in fact, would suggest the imminent launch of Playground time and multiplayer activities with as many as 40 players. If confirmed, the increase from 4 to 40 users connected simultaneously to the same online lobby would help to re-centralize the challenges of the Playground, thus helping fans to break the relative monotony of online battles on Fortnite Island with time missions to be carried out in completely original maps.

Again according to the data miner’s rumors, during the next in-game phase of Fortnite Battaglia Reale which, presumably, will start in mid-October on all platforms, we should see the arrival of the new Visitors in Season 11.