Fortnite: what if tomorrow the 10.40 update arrives?

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The Season 11 Fortnite approaching strides, and for that Epic Games could decide to hasten a little ‘time with regard to future updates. In particular, the Fortnite 10.31 update is expected tomorrow, but things could change.

According to some considerations made by Lucas7yoshi, one of the most authoritative data miners with regards to Epic Games’ battle royale, according to the “normal” roadmap, this week there would be a simple content update for the game. Yet there would not be enough content introduced in the 10.30 patch to justify a new week at which time Fortnite updates would remain practically at a standstill, so the software house could turn the page directly and anticipate the time for the new update, 10.40.

If so, we can expect an announcement for today’s evening. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Fortnite Season 11 could be the right opportunity for Fortnite to return to maximum popularity. Indeed, it seems that the spectators of the streams related to the game are downhill, and also thanks to the abandonment of Fortnite by Tfue (although temporary) and the one previously used by Ninja, the popularity of Fortnite appears to be rather in decline.

What do you think of the situation?