GameStop: the new look of American stores shown in a video

GameStop: the new look of American stores

It’s not a good time for GameStop Corporation, the company is going through a heavy economic crisis, among the objectives of the near future there is (also) that of completely redesigning the stores to focus on eSports, recreational activities and retrogaming.

But what will the new GameStop stores look like? We can take a first look at the design of the store’s thanks to a video published on Facebook by the store in Pryor, Oklahoma, one of the stores used as a test to assess the public’s appreciation of the innovations introduced.

The goal of store redesign is obviously to entice consumers to spend more time indoors, in the video, we can see a sofa with a large TV and a retro space with cathode ray tube and video screens like Nintendo 64, GameCube and Xbox first generation.

At the moment it is not clear if these changes will also appear in Europe, where the stores are managed by a different division than the American one, recently the company announced the closure of 200 sales points to cope with the crisis and earn this way liquidity to invest in hiring new employees and in planning activities of various kinds.