Gears 5 Guide: where to find all the Relic Weapons

Gears 5

After showing you the location of all the collectibles of Gears 5, in this mini-guide, we will show you where to find all the Relic Weapons that can be collected during the campaign of the new The Coalition tps.

The Relic Weapons can be found during Act 2 and Act 3 of the Gears 5 campaign. Below we show you their potions, describing the characteristics of each weapon.

Where to find Relic Weapons – Act 2

In chapter 2 of Act 2, before opening the gate and accessing the main part of the map, cross the passage to the left of the gate, after which you walk along the left side of the cliff. Continue until you see the weapon collection prompt. This version of the Enforcer has a lower rate of fire, offset by greater firepower.

Retro Lancer
This weapon sits leaning against a tree, near a rock formation. The relic version of the retro Lancer shoots explosive shots capable of hitting multiple nearby targets.

After opening the gate, a large portion of the map will extend in front of you. This weapon is located outside New Hope, inside a red shack. The Longshot’s relic version gives you an extra bullet in the magazine when you perform a perfect reload.

To find this weapon you will need to locate the Condor crash closest to the east tower substation. The relic is located under the ice bridge. This version of the Boltok offers better handling and precision when shooting from the side.

In chapter 4, go to the north tower substation: the weapon is against the wall, between two generators. The relic Boomshot is equipped with a larger charger, inside which it is possible to insert three more bullets.

Arco Torque
Again in chapter 4, from the abandoned mine on the edge of the valley, follow the dirt path instead of the main path. After that choose the road to your right. The arrows of the Arc Torque are not explosive but can be fired more quickly, inflicting a considerable amount of damage anyway.

Also in chapter 4, you will find the weapon above an ice pile. The relic variant of the Dropshot fires a barrage of bullets that freezes the enemies, allowing you to immobilize them.

Where to find Relic Weapons – Act 3

Reach the cosmonaut training facility. The weapon is hidden under a bush, near a solitary tower located to the north-east. With the relic variant of the Claw it is possible to increase the speed of fire after a perfect refill.

After reaching the abandoned airport to the northwest, you will find this weapon on the side of a building. The relic version of the Talon offers more damage and less recoil after a perfect reload.

This weapon is found in a pile of crates next to a corpse, inside an alley. With the relic version of the Hammerburst it is possible to fire longer bursts.

Going north of the pumping station, you will find this weapon in the trunk of a parked car. The Markza relic offers a prolonged automatic fire mode when the trigger is held down.

Go west of the train to find this weapon inside a felled condor. The relic Embar fires a shot of enormous power, but with slower charging times.

You find it leaning against the wall of a building, near a cliff located to the south-east of the hangar. The relic version of Snub is able to explode 2 shots simultaneously.

This weapon is located along a rock wall west of the nomadic convoy, north of the Water Tower. The relic version of the Gnasher fires a single shot that inflicts a great deal of damage.

Head north-east of the bridge control station. This weapon is located near a large rock located near the train bridge. When holding the trigger, the relic version of Overkill offers automatic fire.

This weapon is located between two metal barriers, south-west of the railway bridge. The relic lancer can perform stun melee attacks, making it easier to dismember with the chainsaw.

Lancer GL
Find this weapon west of the cosmonaut training facility, under the roof south of the Water Tower. The Lancer GL relic features an alternative fire mode that fires an explosive grenade.

If you need a visual reference to more easily locate all the Relic Weapons, you can watch the video proposed in the opening. For other useful tips on the campaign of the game, instead, we recommend you to read our guide with tricks and strategies for Gears 5.