Hearthstone: another player defends Seiko and explains why it is good to have a plan B


George ” BoarControl ” Webb, the British T1-based Hearthstone pro player, defended Linh “Seiko” Nguyen, who was at the center of the controversy over the foolish remedy during the Grandmaster tournament.

Seiko, as you know, was caught playing qualifiers for the $1 million Auto Chess tournament while playing a Hearthstone Grandmasters game. The German player received a lot of criticism from the community following the episode, but BoardControl sided with his side.

BoarControl said: ” With the current GM system you could even abandon HearthStone in the event of relegation, so it is very important to have a plan B. There are currently not enough examples to ensure that you are exempt from relegation even by playing well, so prepare yourself on the other game makes sense.

We have also seen equally ugly plays this weekend, from other players, just because they don’t see themselves distracted during the game doesn’t mean they aren’t. We don’t know what players are doing without a camera or if they are playing other games. “

Probably, however, Seiko’s behavior could be interpreted as unsportsmanlike and therefore lead to heavy consequences.

” The haters should hate the Blizzard system, rather than the player. Other Grandmasters have much less commitment to winning Hearthstone games and have not been destroyed by the community. 

Seiko, meanwhile, apologized again: ” I really thought I was skilled enough to be able to handle both games without paying too much attention to Auto Chess.