In Red Dead Online came the first Legendary Size


Not even the time to get acquainted with the Professions of the Frontier in Red Dead Online, which the players are already called to face new activities.

Today, Rockstar Games has officially introduced the first of 10 new legendary sizes, to hunt down the most dangerous wanted men of all five states: a sample of the worst scammers, thieves and murderers on the loose ready to be hunted down and caught, alive or dead. The first poster affixed by the law’s guardians portrays Barbarella Alcazar, the “Reina de Los Banditos”.

The criminal’s profile is as follows: “Alcazar is the undisputed leader of the bloody band of Del Lobo, and is said to be hiding somewhere in New Austin. The dangerous widow of the notorious murderer Ricardo Alcazar is sought after for theft, extortion and murder “ . Players will have to capture it by September 23rd: bringing it back alive will yield a large sum, otherwise, otherwise, a slightly lower reward will be awarded. From now on, Rockstar Games will unveil a legendary size every week.

Collector players will also be happy to know that Madame Nazar is in search of the Marine Pearls collection, which includes the Durant Pearl Bracelet, the Leather Pearl Necklace and the Bonnard Pearl Ring. Those who deliver the complete collection directly to Madame Nazar or send it through any post office by September 23rd will get a large reward. In the Online menu it is now possible to start a Series of Shootings (Manual Aim), which hosts iterations with manual hunts for Manhunt, Weapon of Choice, Public Enemy and much more.

We report, finally, that all those who will play Red Dead Online this week will receive 3,000 PE from Wheeler, Rawson & Co. The club, while players in possession of the Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass will receive an additional 2,000 EP of the Club. The PE of the Club will be credited within the next 24 hours after playing Red Dead Online.