Keanu Reeves in Death Stranding? Hideo Kojima clarifies the situation


It is no secret that the actor Keanu Reeves recently visited the studios of Kojima Productions, an event that obviously triggered a long series of speculations about the possible appearance of the star in Death Stranding.

Keanu Reeves will not be in Death Stranding , however Kojima reiterated in a recent interview with GameSpot that he initially thought of him for the role he then entrusted to Mads Mikkelsen: ” Keanu is really a golden boy, my friend Nicolas Refn he introduced Mads Mikkelsen and I thought he was absolutely suitable for the project. I met Mads several times in Denmark, but Nicolas told me that maybe I should opt for Keanu … but he was shooting The Neon Demon and so it wasn’t possible to have it with us, however for some time I have seriously considered this hypothesis. “

And what about the future? Kojima says that ” the role of Mads is written especially for him and sewn to his acting and personal skills, but I can’t exclude collaborating with Reeves in the future. It would be great if we could work together, maybe in a game or in a movie or a TV show. It will be for next time. “

Recently, rumors have also surfaced that Stefanie Joosten would like to have in Death Stranding even if this hypothesis has been contradicted several times and it appears to be decidedly unlikely that she will enter the artistic cast at the end of works.