Narcos Rise of the Cartel, a game based on the Netflix series, shows itself in a new trailer

Narcos Rise of the Cartel,

The title developed by Kuju Entertainment, Narcos: Rise of the Cartel, inspired by the homonymous television cult of Netflix, shows itself in a new trailer. The game, produced by Curve Digital, will tell the story of the “king of narcotics traffickers” Pablo Escobar, in particular of the first season.

In the video, a narrator introduces the story that will focus on “a brutal war for what is called white gold” with a series of images showing the clash between two factions in what can be called strategic turn-based action-adventure nuances, on the style of the XCOM series. The trailer also shows some maps inspired by the locations of the Netflix TV series, such as the jungle or the suburbs of Colombian cities. Even some of the goals that appear in the short gameplay sequences are directly taken from the series, such as the one linked to the death of the Chilean smuggler Cockroach.

In the game, you can choose to fight for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or take the reins of the famous ” Medellin cartel “. According to the Curve Digital website, the game is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2019 and therefore seems imminent. Narcos: Rise of the Cartel will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.