Nintendo Switch Lite: first unboxing of the new console

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The YouTube Gaming Dad channel offers us what is now the first unboxing of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Realized in a rather amateur way, the video allows in any case to take a closer look at the console and the contents of the package.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in Europe from September 21st (together with The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening) in light blue, gray and yellow at a price of 219.99 euros, slightly higher than the US $ 199 (excluding taxes). This Lite version of Nintendo Switch is distinguished by a more compact design, the presence of a smaller screen and the lack of Joy-Con detachable, in this case, in fact, the controls are integrated into the body.

Thanks to the optimization of the SoC the battery (although with a lower capacity than the standard model) is able to ensure a slightly higher autonomy, exactly as it happens in the Switch 2019 model marketed at the end of August.

In November, the bundle dedicated to Pokemon Sword and Scudo will come with a personalized console and package decorated with exclusive artwork. In North America, the Nintendo Switch Lite day one seems to have already been broken at chains such as Walmart and Best Buy, but in Europe, there is no news regarding any anticipated sale.